[Dixielandjazz] Preservation Hall

Phil O'Rourke philor at webone.com.au
Wed Oct 4 16:30:58 PDT 2006

Trust Bill H to mention my name when he knew I was in Sydney saving him from
having to drink all the beer there.

Bob Smith said that Allan Jaffe was a founder of Preservation Hall. No he
took it over after it had been running a few years.
As Louis Lince (UK) said, Larry Borenstein, Ken Mills, Barbara Reid and
others started what was to become known as Preservation Hall.

Maybe if Jaffe had not taken over the running and management of the hall it
would have slowly slid into obscurity. He could probably be called the
founder of a sustainable hall.

If you read the book "PRESERVATION HALL" book by William Carter as mentioned
by Luis Daniel Flores (Argentina?) it will give you a good history of the
hall from a (I hope) unprejudiced viewpoint.

I am quoting a little from Louis/Luis from almost opposite sides of the
world and I am about as far from them as you could get. Modern
communications; you can't hide anywhere.

Phil O'Rourke

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