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Wed Oct 4 10:16:44 PDT 2006

Hi all,

Regarding this "tone color" thingee I'm talking about has nothing to do with 
the ax.

If the sharp keys are (in and of themselves) "brighter" than the flat keys 
then the effect should hold for ANY instrument.

Kash's dissertation on the trombone being "brighter" when played in the 
sharp keys ("Tuning can be adjusted with the positioning of the slide, 
nevertheless, you will hear a duller/darker sound in 3rd or 5th position." - 
JK) is a function of the instrument, not the KEY!

For instance, this effect that Kash mentions cannot be duplicated on the 
piano (or any instrument with a fixed tuning such as fretted string 

Look . . . either the sharp keys have a different "tone color" or they don't 
- regardless of ax.

A symphony orchestra playing compositon in F (1 flat) should have a 
different "tone color" than it does when playing in G (1 sharp)!

My question . . . "Does this effect really exist and how can you prove it to 

Respectfully submitted,

Bill (tell me about keys, not instruments) Gunter
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>Someone mentioned the length of tubing being used when one type or the 
>type of fingering is used on the trumpet having an effect on the "color" of
>a note.  You can really hear it on the trombone.  Try high Bb orC in first
>position or in the alternate position of 3rd (3rd being about 6 inches out
>on the slide).  Try Bb (top of staff) in 1st position compared to its
>alternate position of 5th.  F in 1st vs F in 6th.
>Tuning can be adjusted with the positioning of the slide, nevertheless, you
>will hear a duller/darker sound in 3rd or 5th position.  Once again, 
>I don't know if the listener can hear that as easily as the horn honker 
>It's even logical:  there must be 15 inches of slide between 1st & 5th (no,
>I haven't measure it, I'm just throwing my hand out there & looking at 
>and that's down, and back = 30 inches.  Bound to have an effect on the 
>(timbre) of the note.

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