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I had a piano player friend (who died 18 days short of his 100th birthday, 
not that this has anything to do with this thread) who loved playing piano 
in Db because he thought it was just physically easier to play all 5 black 
keys. Since I don't play piano, I'm not sure whether this is so, but maybe 
because Hoagy was a pianist, he liked Db for the same reason. However, if 
Stardust originally was in C, then this whole point is moot and this entire 
reply is worthless.

Oh well...

Scott Anthony

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>I often ask musical friends why a tune would be played in a key like Db 
>when a
> half a step down would be infinitely so much easier.  The only answer I 
> get is
> that flat keys sound better.
> What?
> Russ Guarino
> clarinet maven
> Steve Barbone wrote:
>> dingle at baldwin-net.com wrote (polite snip)
>> >> Bill Haesler wrote: (also politely snipped)
>> >> Was Carmichael's key D major?  I thought it
>> >> was D-flat major, and I have seen it written it in Db or C, but never
>> >> in D.
>> > Ingle:
>> > I believe it was in D-flat -- at least many of the brassplayers I know
>> > play it in that key. C is more common.
>> I'm with you Don and believe the correct key was Db. Some bands may play 
>> it
>> in C but I think probably because it is easier for them in C. My pocket
>> booklet which cross-references 2000 American Songbook tunes, alpha, by 
>> year,
>> by Broadway show, by composer, by key, by bands making it famous, says 
>> Db.
>> Sadly that book is no longer in print. It is invaluable when hunting for
>> tunes to play at a trio or quartet gig. No charts or anything, just tune
>> names. Luckily my bass and guitar guys know at least 2/3rds of them.
>> Cheers,
>> Steve
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