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That's why we don't have a permanent Clarinet player in St. Gabriel's 
Celestial Brass Band,  we got White Pants,, Golf Shirts, and do 
marching shows too, now we don't wear Red vest or Boaters or straw 
hats,  but we do wear Purple Aussie Hats that some think look a bit 
GAY, and Red Greek Fisherman's hats,  all topped of with white sneakers 
and sometimes White Long Tailed Tuxedo coats.

But then again we are a bit different  aint' we boys,??

The music sounds good befoer we even play just lookin' at all them 
handsome old devils all dressed up to play the high school prom,  ahhhh 
but all the pretty little girls in the audience of all ages adore us.


Tom Wiggins

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   I took it seriously :)
About 80% anyway.
A player with that attitude would have been
welcome in my band anytime.

Cees van den Heuvel

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> Ginny;
> I was not serious. I received it a joke from another musician and
> forwarded it because I thought it was hilarious. I later got a message
> advising me that the sender thought it was a serious message from a 
> clarinetist. It was hard for me to believe that it was not a joke.
> Rick
> On Tue, 3 Oct 2006 18:31:18 EDT Gluetje1 at aol.com writes:
> Rick, I am so naive that I have to ask if you are kidding?  Because if
> you are serious, you have stated so many things you will not accept 
> you qualify for musician's disability.  Anyhow, thanks for the 
> list of things that bug someone.  Makes me less than humble about my
> tolerance level by comparison.
> Ginny
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> Rick Knittel - The Maine Street Paraders
> 37 Ship Channel Road; South Portland, Maine 04106-5136
> Bus phone; (207)-741-2407; fax 2409; Cell: (207)-233-3480; Home;
> (207)-799-6382
> E-mail; Knittelsportland at juno.com; Winter (mid Jan to mid April) 
> 7657 Bergamo Ave; Sarasota, FL 34238-4765; Phone/Fax; (941)-924-5186
> Clarinetist Looking for Work
> 16+ year's professional experience. Specializing in serious 
> of pre-WWII traditions of clarinet performance including New Orleans
> Jazz, Brazilian Choro, and French West Indian Biguine. Large 
> of jazz
> standards.   Reading OK, Travel OK,  Basic linguistic skills in 
> German, and Italian.  No drugs, health problems, or dietary 
> Union member in good standing.  No social, political, or religious
> affiliations.   Doubles on alto or tenor saxophone negotiable.
> (I own a soprano, but in accordance with well-established codes of
> gentlemanly conduct, I do not play one.)
> PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND to this message IF:
> Your band, concert, or project name uses rhyme, alliteration, puns,
> animal names, or includes any of the following words or their 
> Swingers, Strutters, Stompers, Ramblers, Hot, Dixieland, Tribute, or
> Legacy.
> [For example: Dixie Dogs of Des Moines, Hot Jumpin' Jazz Lizards, The
> Four-Skinny-Minnies Swing Band, Down-Home-Ragtimers Tribute to Wilbur
> Sweatman, etc.]   The use of All-Stars' is negotiable provided some 
> sport or athletic activity is involved;
> Your dress code or group's uniform includes ANY of the following:
> White pants or shoes, suspenders, matching golf shirts, matching 
> or any type of hats. Anything made of polyester is out of the 
> and as a friend in the fashion industry says, 'Denim is just never a 
> idea.'
> I also require assurance that the performance will not be within 50 
> of a garter, striped vest, bowler hat, straw boater, feather boa or
> anything with sequins;
> Your rhythm section includes electric keyboard and/or bass guitar.
> Washboard is negotiable in the proper context, although offhand I 
have no
> idea what that would be;
> You or any of your band members have a spouse or girlfriend who sings,
> purports to sing, or so much as threatens to sing;
> Anyone involved in your proposed performance attempts a 'scat' vocal
> More than half of the selections in a typical program consist of vocal
> numbers or are limited to the keys of Bb and F.   Gospel programs are 
> acceptable exception, but the singer better be damned brilliant;
> Your program includes any of the following:  note-for-note
> transcriptions, sing-alongs, or banjo features.  Furthermore, if 
there is
> tuba or sousaphone their solos must be limited to a maximum of one per
> set and may never exceed two choruses;
> At anytime during your performance, parasols are deployed. Legitimate
> second-lines are the ONLY exception, in which case an additional 25% 
> strolling/marching applies;
> Your proposed venue spends more on sound reinforcement or 
> than artist fees.
> Compensation for your job includes ANY of the following: All the beer 
> can drink, a free meal, good publicity or exposure, or bringing a 
> girlfriend, or companion for free.  hank you in advance for your
> consideration. --
> _______________________________________________
> Rick Knittel - RK Associates, LLC - Film Extrusion Engineering 
> 37 Ship Channel Road; South Portland, Maine 04106-5136
> Bus phone; (207)-741-2407; fax 2409; Cell: (207)-233-3480; Home;
> (207)-799-6382
> E-mail; Knittelsportland at juno.com; Winter (mid Jan to mid April) 
> 7657 Bergamo Ave; Sarasota, FL 34238-4765; Phone/Fax; (941)-924-5186
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