[Dixielandjazz] Ragtime lead sheets?

Don Kirkman donsno2 at wavecable.com
Mon Nov 27 14:50:39 PST 2006

On Sun, 26 Nov 2006 22:57:19 -0500, Laurence Swain wrote:

>Listening to "Elite Syncopations" channel on Radio 365.

>Hearing lots of rags, played on solo piano, as written, and also many performed by 

>In the old days, I spent forever to learn to play Joplin, etc., on the pianner (I have had virtually 
>no training in playing from completely-written-out piano music).

Me, too, and I'm still trying to semi-master at least one.  :-)

>Can someone on this most resourceful list point me to a source where I can find (buy?) lead 
>sheets for the classic ragtime tunes (listening right now to Gunther Schuller's NE 
>Conservatory playing "Sunflower Slow Drag, and loving every minute of it -- bought the CD 
>[or was it the cassette?] so long ago).

>All leads will be followed.

Not precisely lead sheets but if you're willing to do some printing
there's a marvelous collection of scans of original sheet music at

The ragtime page is at

Many of the classics and lots of unknowns that are fun to explore.
I started with the crazy idea of printing them all out, but by the time
I got through the "B"s I was running out of room in my loose leaf album.
Don Kirkman

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