[Dixielandjazz] Megaphones?

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Hey Guys:

The California Transit Authority distributes them for Free all along 
construction sites on California Highways, Nice Pretty Orange ones, 
help yourself, they usually have ten or twenty of them strung along the 
highway, I'm sure they won't mind them getting dual use.  :))

They are also much more durable than the old cardboard models, heck you 
can even run over them a few times with the equipment van and they 
still bounce right back to their regular shape. :))   Place them on 
stage with a couple of flashing emergency lights inside and you can 
have your own visual show for your band as well. :))   Put more visual 
excitement into OKOM, and if you have dunce in the band, or if the 
whole band is made up of dunces they make lovely band hats.   One color 
Orange and size fits all:))  The go well with WITCHES OUTFITS ON 



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    I did a search a while back for one - our drummer is our main singer 

and he thought it might work for non-amped gigs. I did not find much
on The Internets, just these plastic ones:
http://www.ramgraphics.com/cheer.poms.html  and

We didn't get one so I have no idea how good they are.

You might have to search antique stores or eBay for a real old
fashion cardboard one. I actually have seen some over the years of
antique shopping but they seemed to be quite expensive for what they

I have never seen a dedicated megaphone stand - a mic stand or cymbal
stand could be made to work.

Dave Richoux

On Nov 16, 2006, at 1:40 PM, Kent Murdick wrote:

> What's the deal with megaphones?  Where can you get a good one?  Are
> there megaphone stands avaiable or should I just modify a mike stand?
> BTW, our group does not like amps, sound men, music stands, music
> lights
> or music just to name a few things.
> Kent
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