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Hi Gary:

Since budget limitations have put a pause upon Yankee Musos on the bill 
 from the country where it all began and spread all around the world I 
would also suspect that the Sancy Snow Jazz festival will also have a 
very distinct shortage of Yankee Muso fans in attendance as well not to 
mention Euros.  It is much more economical to travel to New Orleans to 
hear the Two Yankees on your festival than to fly to France to hear 
them.  Not to mention they can play the same kind of low budget 
festivals here and their USA OKOM fans can see and hear them for a lot 
less for a ticket as well.

I did notice however that the Sac a Pulses band has many shows on the 
program , congratulations at least one more Yankee Muso is working on 
the Festival :))


Yankee Tom Wiggins  & The Ambassadors of New Orleans ( ALL YANKEES)  
who recently sold 6000 + seats at the Red Sea Jazz Festival for $35.00 
to $40.00 a seat  and insured the Red sea Jazz festival of a 
substantial profit from folks willing to pay to hear Great Yankee Jazz. 
   Ya git's what ya Pay for sometimes.  And sometimes you get a Lot more 
than you pay for.    All ya'll THAT ARE IN THE CROWD OF MUSICIANS THAT 

   So now you know TWO OKOM Bands that can and do pay their way in the 
Festival Business and draw far more folks to pay to hear them than they 
cost, Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band and The Ambassadors of New 
Orleans,  Quality not Quantity is what patrons are willing to pay for 
If you offer it to them and give them a chance.

By the way we also replaced one of the most Prominent New Orleans Jazz 
Bands in the World as the Headline Attraction of the festival and 
received a Standing ovation on the opening song of each concert and two 
encores at the end of each performance.   And might I add we got paid 
very very well and they still made a lot of Sheckles on us.   Certainly 
enough to invite us back next year and pay us very very well again 
where we will no doubt play to a much larger audience.

The comments of the festival director said it all:

Dear Tom :  "Thanks for your Amazing Performances at the Red Sea Jazz 
Festival" :))

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   After some late tweaking, the program for Sancy Snow Jazz 2007 is
finalized.  Although budget limitations have put a pause on invitations
to Yankee musos in recent years, we will have Evan Christopher and
Wendell Brunious (not in the same group) at the 2007 edition.

The festival is in Le Mont Dore (Google maps

next February 17-24, 2007.  For more info, go to 
but it would be helpful if you spoke French.

A bientôt, Gary

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