[Dixielandjazz] Another new instrument - probably won't replace the banjo in OKOM bands ; -)

tcashwigg at aol.com tcashwigg at aol.com
Wed Nov 15 14:19:55 PST 2006

Hi Bill:

I have been working on a new hybrid instrument that will no doubt be 
the fore runner of the dreaded washboard and once and for all elevate 
it's status to full musician ship for those virtuostic enough to master 

I have designed a wonderful new instrument called the "WASHBONE"  sorry 
I can't post a photo of it here as filed with the patent office,   but 
if you can imagine it :    It is a fine shiny Valve Trombone mounted 
atop a vintage Washboard and both instruments can be played 
simultaneously as the slide has been eliminated to free up either hand 
to play rhythm on the washboard whilst leaving the other hand free to 
work the valves from either the left hand or right hand model.

The ambidextrous nature of the horn is accomplished by simply switching 
the first and third valves for right hand or left hand playing :))
and the addition of the wonderful ability to replace the drummer in the 
band overcomes any slight weight inconvenience for the Trombonist.

Plans are also in the works for WashTrumpet  and Washcornet, and even a 
Washtuba model, and for the bandleader wishing to replace two or more 
players in his band, there will be a  Washdoublebelleuphonium model 
available soon.   Sorry but you will have to keep the Clarinet  and 
banjo players.


Tom "Always thinking'' Wiggins

Dear Dave,
I believe that me mate Dr Richard Helmer and his team of researchers at
CSIRO Textiles and Fibre Technology are currently working on a washboard
Sorry Kash, didn't mean to mention them ripply things again.
Not after the long run they had this past week.
Just couldn't resist it.
Kind regards,

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