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Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 14 14:21:03 PST 2006

on 11/14/06 5:00 PM, Cees van den Heuvel at heu at bart.nl wrote:

> This is crazy and an example of how the liability and claim culture
> in the U.S.A. has developed.
> In Europe we don't know what you are talking about.
> If there is a liability question it only is there when you
> do something completely wrong like destroying the
> hall your're playing in or shoot the employer, and even then:
> no financial consequenses, only fines or jail.
> I like the U.S.A., but your sue-system has gotten out of hand and is
> unreal. I.m.o it's just a scam to feed laywers and insurance companies.
> Get real!
> Cees van den Heuvel
> http://www.revivaljassband.nl
You said it Cees. I think we all agree.

But then, if you shoot your employer killing him, shouldn't you have to
support his family for the rest of their lives in the style to which they
were accustomed? Or if you destroy the hall, shouldn't you have to pay to
rebuild it?

Problem is here that many times the court (jury) system awards money far in
excess of what is fair. And so the injured party, in effect, wins a lottery.

Musical Content? "Sue Me" music & lyrics by Tex Wyndham

Steve Barbone

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