[Dixielandjazz] Liability Insurance

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 14 13:37:06 PST 2006

Re: Liability Insurance naming the venue as additional insured.

Sad to say, some venues will not bend on this issue. Especially some
museums. In the Philadelphia area, Franklin Institute will not bend and if
you don't supply an insurance policy ($1,000,000) and name them as an
additional insured, they will not let you work there. Other area museums
could care less.

Cost of the policy for a band is about $3500 a year here. I've never priced
out single event coverage.

Sometimes you can get around it, if you are doing a corporate gig, by having
the Corporation tell the venue you are an employee and covered by the
corporation's insurance policy. And sometimes the corporate lawyers refuse
to let the corporation name you as an employee, since you are an independent
contractor. Liability wise, it makes no difference. The venue has insurance,
the corporation has insurance and they would pay anyway, if the band blew
the place up.

My advice: IF, you do a lot of these type of gigs, where insurance is
required, then buy the insurance and factor it in to your gig prices. If you
do not do a lot of these gigs, and single event coverage is too expensive or
not available, then don't do the gig.

If you buy the coverage, go for the lowest priced company that will supply
the certificate naming the venue as additional insured.

Steve Barbone

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