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Scott Anthony santh at pacbell.net
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I looks like the product depicted is both not available and only ships to 
addresses in the EU. Too bad. It looks pretty neat. However...

If you have a turntable and it is hooked up to your stereo system and your 
stereo system has a stereo line out pair of connectors, you can basically do 
the same thing. Just plug the line out into your line in on the computer, 
run Audacity (the same free software I mentioned yesterday and is also 
mentioned in the article below) and record the tracks.

Note that this process has to be in real-time because you are digitizing 
actual analog audio from your LPs. Ripping CDs is faster because it is 
merely translating digital data from one format to another.

Scott Anthony

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> With all this recent talk of iPods and mp3 I thought
> this might be of interest :-
> http://www.firebox.com/product/1401?src_t=t20
> No idea of its quality and I'm afraid it wont play at 78,
> but it might help those that are struggling to transfer
> their LPs to digital
> Have fun
> Andy Ling
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