[Dixielandjazz] Liability Insurance

Tom Duncan tduncan at bellatlantic.net
Tue Nov 14 09:15:35 PST 2006

Here comes this question again . . . I lost the postings I had saved and the
archive search function on DJML isn't operating . . . So . . . 

I am bidding for a wedding reception to be held at a New York area museum
and they insist that the band provide a certificate of insurance and carry
personal liability insurance. Not all of my band members are AFM which does
include personal liability insurance as I understand it; so, I understand
that one option is for each band member to join the union.

I have requested a quote on per event only coverage and annual coverage and
await an answer on that, but I am not sure if I am contacting a reputable or
competitive source. Can anyone suggest an insurer that might cover a band
for one event or for the year? Another option could be for each member of
the band to purchase their own personal liability insurance. Can anyone
suggest a source for that?

I hope that others who have addressed this same problem can be of help to me
and, I would suspect, others on the list.


Tom Duncan
doctordubious at verizon.net  

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