[Dixielandjazz] Professor Gizmo

Don Robertson jdrobertson at att.net
Tue Nov 14 09:09:11 PST 2006

Bob Romans writes:

That "Professor Gizmo" is none other than Rick Elmore, a very fine 
trombone/tuba player from the SF Bay area! I first met him in Lodi where we 
were performing at the Lodi Grape and Wine Festival. He starting to get 
quite famous and wound up also playing the Calgary Stampede for several 
years. *I don't know if he is still playing with Devil Mountain Jazz Band or 
not, but he was superb also as "Professor Gizmo"...very entertaining!*
Warmest regards,
Bob Romans,

No Rick has moved on to other things.  Glenn Calkins is now the trombonist for Devil Mountain.
Glenn was with the Golden Eagles in Southern California, and relocated to the bay area a few years back. Rick is a great talent, but I don't think his heart was in OKOM.

Don Robertson
Napa, CA

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