[Dixielandjazz] Gunter's Chain Pulling

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Mon Nov 13 22:18:40 PST 2006

Well Ladies:   I have been in the Desert with him and he ain't "ALL 

and an iPod because the ONLY song he keeps singing over and over and 
over  is " I want A Little Girl"  Good God I hope we never get invited 
to play in Scotland where the band uniform is a skirt.  we will all be 
in big trouble me thinks.

Thankfully it was not an Island and I can still out run him :))  lol

I did however hear him outside the hotel playing his Clarinet in the 
early a.m.  and saw many snakes rising up and dancing in the sun :))

Well they were swooning anyway :))



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If I  was  stranded on a desert island, the hell with the music, I'd 
want  to
be with  an intelligent, humorous, mature, woman. You know, like  
Nancy,  Ginny, Kay, Janie, Judie, Sue, et al. We would make  our own  

Well, come on Steve. I live in Palm Desert. Just about  as close as you 
get to a Desert Isle. Lol

Jazz  Hugs


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