[Dixielandjazz] The desert island iPod and great sheet music titles

Audrey Van Dyke audrey at callitmusic.com
Sat Nov 11 23:21:44 PST 2006

I got an iPod a few months ago, and it probably brings me more pleasure 
than any new innovation since the personal computer. It's pure fun.  All 
that music that at one time or another I consciously chose to bring home 
on CDs, listened to several times, and then carefully filed away on a 
shelf  is now stuffed inside this one tiny box.  With no effort on my 
part, (after the initial loading) it will chug its way through all 7,500 
tunes.  I used to daydream about having a CD player that I could put all 
my CD's into, but envisioned a huge bulky thing that would consume half 
the space in my small apartment; even at its best, the daydream didn't 
extend to such a CD player that could be picked up and carried in a 
pants pocket.  So the iPod is truly my ideal listening device brought to 
life.   But that's still all it is - a listening device, not some moral 
imperative.  The music surely (don't call me Shirley!)  is the constant, 
that hey, King Oliver's music is something special, whatever our 
preference for getting it to our ears.  Pity the poor, forlorn 8-track!

But as one of our local bandleaders, Marty Frankel of the Federal Jazz 
Commission has mentioned, it takes the fun out of an old game.  Now that 
he has loaded all his favorites onto an iPod Marty has pointed out that 
he can't play the desert island game anymore.  Every song he could ever  
want on his desert island is on a device smaller than a single record.  
Desert island iPods, anyone?

Anybody want the sheet music to a fine old turn of the century song 
titled "Cows may Come and Cows may Go but the Bull Goes on Forever?"  Or 
"I Could Love you in a Steam-Heat Flat?"  Or a great love song from the 
20's : "Nobody Can Love me Like My Old Tomato Can." Perhaps if gas 
prices rise again, "The Oklahoma Oil Field Blues" might appeal.  Send me 
your address and the music is yours.  (The person from Australia who 
asked for the copy of Davenport Blues - I shipped it off surface mail 
along with a few other  things, so you'll be getting it eventually.)

Audrey Van Dyke

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