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The software that comes with the iPod is called iTunes. When you plug the 
iPod into your computer, iTunes runs automatically and "synchs" whatever is 
in your desktop PC library to the iPod. You can also recharge the iPod 
battery using the USB connection while you're synching. There is an AC 
adapter that comes with the iPod that actually plugs into the USB cable, so 
charging from the AC source is almost the same.

When you insert a CD into you CD drive, iTunes also runs automatically and 
all you have to do is click on an import button on the iTunes window, and 
the CD is automatically "ripped" to your iTunes library. If you are 
connected to the internet when you do this, iTunes even goes out to a 
database called GraceNote and tries to retrieve the song titles and other 
information about the CD. You can set up iTunes to import the CD files as 
MP3s or WAV (much bigger - like 10 to 11 times the size of MP3) or Apple's 
own AIFF file format (small like MP3).

Everything is automatic if you set it up that way. iPods are really great, 
especially in the car. I have used the FM transmitter method of listening 
through the car radio, but often you have to switch frequencies because of 
interference depending on the location. I've found the inexpensive cassette 
adapters better - just plug the adapter into the iPod's earphone jack and 
insert the adapter into the car's tape player (if your car stereo has one) 
and listen.

Scott Anthony

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> Marty Nichols asks:
>>In the case that I get an Ipod for Christmas, just how easy/difficult is 
>>to put
>>one's cd library on ? I think I have the needed equipment, a PC with CD
>>player installed.
>>Any one able to make it a few simple steps? Sorry if someone already did
>>here and I missed it
>>or lost it.
> You may have what you need. Some software is required to convert the wav
> files from the CD to mp3 files for the iPod.
> Can you copy your CD tunes onto your computer hard drive? If so, then all
> you would need would be an inexpensive program which would convert those
> files to mp3s.
> Loading mp3 files from your computer to the iPod should be simplicity
> itself. The necessary software for that would automatically be included in
> your iPod purchase. My digital camera connects to my computer and I can 
> move
> files easily back and forth between camera and computer.
> I don't actually have an iPod yet, but I'm shopping for one myself. I'm
> looking forward to loading every favorite song I ever enjoyed into it so I
> can listen to my favorite music wherever I may be. Carrying the iPod 
> around
> is simplicity itself . . . it'll fit comfortably in your pocket.
> Check it out.
> Bill Gunter
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>>Marty Nichols
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>>Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] Fw: Fw: Are iPods just a passing fancy?
>>     (wasmp3s and allthat stuff)
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>>Hi Kay, and all . . .
>>I think your posting to the DJML about your iPod is as good an endorsement
>>for embracing the technology which is carrying us into the future of music
>>as I could wish for.
>>New young listmate, Marc Bolin, also is a walking testament to the fact
>>we'd better get our CD files into mp3s and on to the internet and the
>>the better!
>>Time's a-wastin' -- saddle up and move 'em out!
>>Bill "Yee Haw" Gunter
>>jazzboard at hotmail.com
>> >From: Kay Spencer <kay2840 at yahoo.com>
>> >To: dixielandjazz at ml.islandnet.com
>> >Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] Fw: Fw: Are iPods just a passing fancy?
>> >(wasmp3s and allthat stuff)
>> >Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 22:46:31 -0800 (PST)
>> >
>> >I've also had an iPod nano for a few months.  It makes music
>> >so EASY. I've had iTunes on my laptop for sometime, but transfering 
>> >files
>> >to the iPod now means I can listen whenever I want.  It is virtually
>> >idiot-proof.  I have podcast subscriptions (free) from iTunes that
>> >jazz, brass band, classical, etc, etc, plus my own CD's, plus stuff
>> >transferred from vinyl to CD to computer. The updating is pretty much
>> >automatic and is effortless. I can use a FM transmitter and listen to 
>> >the
>> >iPod on the car radio or use portable speakers (which sound better) or
>> >use simple earphones (which sound better yet) when I'm at my desk at the
>> >office.
>> >
>> >   Last August I went up to the Sacramento jazz camp at Sly Park for the
>> >weekend concert.  Jim O'B had gone up there for the camp and his group
>> >going to play Emperor Norton's Hunch during the evening concert. Before
>> >concert I plugged the iPod into to the speaker and could immediately 
>> >play
>> >the 6 or 8 versions of Emperor (Turk etc.) that I had on the iPod. Even
>> >I had been home with the CD collection, it would have been a major 
>> >hassle
>> >to locate the various CD's and records that had been the source of the
>> >recordings.
>> >
>> >   Will iPods be a passing fancy?  You bet.  Because something with more
>> >storage and more innovative features will come along.  Will the iPod
>> >"concept" disappear? Not likely.  An iPod (or lookalike) already costs
>> >than a digital camera or a high end mobile phone.  Doesn't even come
>> >to the cost of those big HDTV's that we're seeing in the electronics
>> >these days...
>> >
>> >   Kay in Gilroy
>> >
>> >
>> >
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