[Dixielandjazz] Wax cylinders...NEW

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Fri Nov 10 17:12:58 PST 2006

"Will it go round in circles"  Billy Preston,  Yep, several times . :))

I always wondered where they put all that recycled ear wax :))

It does help to dig it out of your ears if you are going to use and 
iPod, might as well save it all up and mail it to cEes for his new wax 
cylinder business, it just might catch on again. :))

It ain't none of mY bEeswax however.

Rev. Tom- Bob

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    On the other hand...I was in Virginia City, Nevada, not long ago, 
and I
stopped into an antique store specializing in old record 
type, the kind that play the wax cylinders! I couldn't believe my eys 
when I
saw NEW ONES, just released...with Wynton Marsalis recorded on them.
Evidently some mouldy fig has decided to re-create wax cylinders with 
players...I think they were selling for about $25 each...I don't have 
business card anymore, darn it!


Google turned up this site...I could almost swear this is where I saw 
new cylinders...
Warmest regards,
Bob Romans,
1617 Lakeshore Drive,
Lodi, Calif., 95242
PH 209-747-1148

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Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Always look at the bright side of life

> Lp's and CD's are getting obsolete. MP3's downloaded on iPods (thanks
> Bill) are
> mostly for free. So the physical media that you can hold in your hand 
> cherish
> fade away. Look at the bright side! Live music will prosper!
> Because the number of living  OKOM-musicians is rapidly diminishing, 
> will
> be in great demand!
> Monty Python: "Always look at the bright side of life,
> pedumpedumtidumtidum".
> Just stay alive and our time will come.
> Cees van den Heuvel
> http://www.revivaljassband.nl
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