[Dixielandjazz] Renee Olstead--Fantastic Teen Vocalist

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Although I doubt we will EVER see it ,  this is the kind of talent that 
should be Headlining Traditional Jazz Society festivals, not only would 
you reach the youth market, you would have first class Professional 
Entertainment that would sell tickets.

But you won't see talent like this for $5.00 folks,  Be ready to shell 
out $25.00 to $40.00 a seat and be happy you got to buy one at that 
rate, it will soon be a lot higher.   Her mentor producer knows great, 
talent when he sees and hears it,  he has produced, Josh Groban, 
Celiene Dion, and other super stars.  This young talented lady is not 
about to sign on with a Dixieland youth band in our lifetimes.

Brea would be fortunate if Renee would sign her on and take her on a 

A very lovely and wonderfully talent young lady,  thanks, JTNT,  I had 
not heard her before this,   She really is "ALL THAT"  just ordered her 
Cd which will become quickly one of my favorites I am sure.


Tom Wiggins

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    Just heard this wonderful singer, Renee Olstead, on the radio and 
have to
tell everyone about her; both Nan & I felt the shivers when she sang.  
And sorry

if this was posted before; tried to do a search to see, but search is 

Anyway, she has one CD out with a bunch of old standards most of you 
like; not Dixie but still OKOM for most of us.

Here are some of the tunes on her first CD

Taking A Chance On Love
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
Someone To Watch Over Me
A Love That Will Last
Sunday Kind Of Love
On A Slow Boat To China
What A Difference A Day Makes
Sentimental Journey

Nice tune list; and she was only FIFTEEN when she made it, and only 17 

The voice is hard to believe, the phrasing even more so, even for 
much older.

Reminds me of Bria, who plays well beyond her years.

Hey Aphrodite, sign her up :-)

Here her tunes on her web site:  _http://www.reneeolstead.com/_
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