[Dixielandjazz] One for Brother Gunter

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Yeah right Judiekins:

We all know that the washboard vibrations are direct erotic stimulation 
absorbed thru nipples, how else would all the old guys playing them be 
able to hold them up in the Vertical position for playing. :))

Say do you by any chance play in the Washboard orchestra at Hooters ?   

Not that there is darn thing wrong with that :))


Old sick minded Tom trying not to waste it.

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Preferences aside, it just seems like the horizontal position, laying  
in the
lap, would deaden any resonance and just about totally muffle the  
sound of a
washboard.  All those dulcet tones would be lost in the  pleats of the
player's trousers!!  I realize the YouTube clips don't  have a great 
deal of
audio fidelity, but I really couldn't tell what the  guy was doing 
until I
saw that he had a small cymbal set on the end of the  board.

That is why I always played mine against my rather  large chest. Built 
muffle. Lol

Jazz  Hugs

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