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Dear Larry,

Paul Gonsalves could have had narcolepsy but I quoted this about him in my 
book, "Jazz and Death, Medical Profiles of Jazz Greats: "[he] fell face down 
on the stage while he was playing a solo and had to be carried off by 
stagehands...he became hooked on heroin and may have experimented with other 
drugs, including LSD "(Collier, Duke Ellington, 1989). Cheers.


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>A friend sent me this - Paul may have been suffering from narcolepsy which 
>causes people to fall asleep at unexpected times. Good drum solo by Sam 
> Larry
> http://www.youtubecom/watch?v=tUCj1jc9AuE
> Subject: Paul Gonsalves
> Paul Gonsalves, in his usual spot on the left end of the sax section,
> has been using way too much of a good thing and has nodded off with
> his horn still in his mouth.    Jimmy
> Hamilton had to put down his clarinet and take Gonsalves' solo.
> Also, check out the look he's getting from Johnny Hodges
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