[Dixielandjazz] Advertising and Promoting your band or talent:

pat ladd pj.ladd at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 6 01:55:07 PST 2006

A funny thing Happens when you don't advertise & Promote !>>

Hi Tom,

I think this is a point which is either appreciated or not. It can`t be 

I used to run my own business selling building materials. Everything from 
cement and gravel to wallpaper and paint. When things were bad in the 
building trade, a regular occurence as house building became a political 
football, I always doubled my advertising budget.
My competitors took the line `business is down, I must cut my costs. Cut 
back on advertising`

I could never understand the logic of that  which was no doubt the reason 
that I kept taking my competitors over.  When the word got out that I was 
going to retire I had national concerns standing in line to buy me out and I 
finally sold for a ridiculously large figure with lots of `0` after it.

My father used to say  `Early to bed and early to rise
                                    Work like hell and ADVERTISE`

Just one of the things he was right about.



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