[Dixielandjazz] Ernie Carson

Marek Boym nmboym at 012.net.il
Sun Nov 5 13:45:29 PST 2006

Ernie Carson has been around for a long time - since the mid-'50's.
I first became aware of him towards the end of 1973 or in early 1974; my unit was stationed, as my brother in lawput it, "in the middle of sand," in the Sinai desert, following the 1973 war with our neighbours.  An that, as anybody with military experience knows, involved guard duty.  When I had guard duty at around 1:00 AM or 5AM, I'd turn my radio on and listen to the VoA's Jazz Hour, announced by Willys Connover.  And twice I heard that wonderful Bob Greene's album "The World of Jelly Roll Morton," with Carson on cornet.  Wow!  i have since heard it many times, and have always been greatly impressed.  Carson is on lots of recordings on th various GHB labels (any lover of traditional jazz should be a member - they have the "largest catalog of authentic jazz").
I have just acquired one (a follow up on two others - Pink Elephants and One Beer), and love it, in particular as the repertoire is imaginative: only one war horse - From Monday On, and just a few not oo overplayed standards - So Do I, Irish Black Bottom, a non-vocal (what a relief) If I Had a Talking Picture of You.
Highly recommended.
In '61-'62, Carson was with Turk Murphy, but he has recorded with more Chicago slanted bands as well.

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