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Progress Fr. Mike Progress!

   time and technology keeps marching on, faster than we can read the 
instruction manual to learn how to play the last medium. :))

But take heart mate:  I just came back from a 70th Birthday party for a 
long time friend of mine, and his favorite and now prized Birthday gift 
was believe it or not Actually a Brand new 4 Track cassette player just 
like the one he had in his 1958 Chevrolet Impala, He was so happy he 
damned near cried, and announced that he still had his entire 
collection of four track cassette tapes in his garage. :))

One of his other long time buddies that had actually bought several of 
them from him back when they were the latest new thing for cars had 
kept one in the original box in storage all these years.   Having of 
course updated all his custom hot rods to 8 tracks, and then cassettes, 
and then to Cds.   Just made the guys entire day.

Cds are indeed on the way out,  so get all of them you can now, but you 
better buy up a few players as well, because in a year or two it will 
cost you more to have one repaired than you will pay for three or four 
of them now.   Like it or not we now live in a Throw away temporary 

Now if I could just find a cartridge for my very expensive phonograph 
turntable :))   I could play that great record collection in the 
basement, many which have not yet been opened.


Tom the musical pack rat,  who never throws anything away, especially 
my Friends :))   I still have two of them, could somebody send me .70 
cents so I can call them both :))

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    >>>Like ask Stomp Off Records how many MP3s they've sold since 
they've started
offering them. They switch to MP3 when they've sold out, rather than

Ye gods!  I apologise for commenting on (complaining about) something 
the thread
of which I've not been involved with, but the thought that Stomp Off 
CDs will
someday become things of the past ... it simply saddens me.  A cursory 
glance at
Mr Erdos's site showed me that several of my favorite Stomp Off CDs are 
now no
longer CDs.  Sigh, and please forgive this outburst,


Fr M J (Mike) Logsdon, Vicar-general
North American Old Roman Catholic Church (Utrecht Succession)
Archdiocese of California

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