[Dixielandjazz] More on Pandora Music Service. Another alternative.

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Sat Nov 4 11:19:18 PST 2006

I got a couple of comments "off list" on Pandora, and saw one in the 
last digest concerning Pandora. The streaming web music site doesn't 
really do all that bad in letting us hear some of OKOM on demand without 
having to download programs to further clutter up our computers. Not to 
mention possible spyware or malware.

You can order albums from artists you might discover through a couple of 
major sites. One list mate found, since you do not hear the entire 
album, they may chose the pick of the litter to play. They use the FLASH 
program, so if you don't have that on your computer, or have removed it, 
they may ask you to download that, but THEY download no program.

A couple additional comments:

You stand a FAR better chance of getting an ARTIST you like on Pandora, 
at least for the first number, then a particular song.  It may take 
awhile. If you put in one ARTIST at a time, and they have a recording by 
that artist or band, chances are you will hear something.  Putting in 
song titles may lead to instant frustration.

Multiple entries of artists in quick sequence for one "station usually 
play the last one first.  Otheres will be delayed.

There are some omissions as to artists, which is why I am trying to get 
more DJML members to try them. Send emails through the link they have in 
"Backstage" to get their buyer to be aware of certain artists. There is 
also a blog link in that backstage area to comment and make suggestions.

Turk Murphy has been tried to no avail, yet.  The Jim Cullum Jazz Band, 
Lu Watters, Jelly Roll, Louis of course, and many others are there. I 
may have already mentioned, even Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy! You 
have to try them all. Some with only the artist name. Some with the band 
name.  Good advertising if the bands will only look at it that way. NOT 
entire albums.

Just try it if you have broadband. I had a friend on dial up try it 
yesterday, and it is pointless. Many pauses, but you can see what it has 
to offer.

One more test required. One list mate out of the US could hear the 
sample music, but could not subscribe. Since you can "share" your 
stations via an email sent THROUGH Pandora, can they "monitor" it or 
does Pandora block emails out of the US for that purpose?

If you have a friend outside the US and try that, let me know the 
results. Or request me to "share" one of my stations with you via an 
email link. Send a list of FAVES to set up a station.  Support OKOM on 

Mad Dawg

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