[Dixielandjazz] What Turns The Younger Audiences On?

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Nope not this year Bill,

St. Louis and Detroit just made the two most dangerous cities in the 
USA list so I am routing my tour in the other direction, heck even 
Israel is safer than what I just read about these two cities.  No 
wonder there is a shortage of OKOM there.

It is bad enough living fifteen minutes from #8 ( Oakland, Ca. )  and 
#11 (Richmond, Ca.)  and we have to go to #8 to get to an airport, or 
thru it to get to the other one just to get out of town. :))   The 
safest place, and about the ONLY place to play OKOM  in Oakland or 
Richmond is at a Funeral, and that can even get a bit dicey some days.  

You can however slip over into San Pablo, going around Richmond, to the 
Moose Lodge

"Shameless plug for my friends  and lurking listmates, Rae Ann Berry, 
and Dottie Lawless," and their New Orleans Jazz Club of Northern 
California   Hi Girls:    Nice group of folks that hang out there for 


Tom Wiggins

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    > ........OKOM doesn't lend it's self to standing in the middle of a 
floor and

Dear Larry,
They certainly did in the 40s, 50s and 60s here in Australia, when I 
wuz a
Or was I dreaming?
Happened in the Hugh Ess uf A in the 20s too - and spawned dance steps 
the Shimmy, Black Bottom, Charleston, Snake Hips, Grind, Strut and 
Shuffle -
among many others.
And as for: "If you want to get people to dance hire a dance instructor 
your party or club gig."
Not necessary.
I am sure me mate Tom Wiggins would sassy on over to St Louis [for 
free] to
demonstrate any of the above.
Kind regards,

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