[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Jubilee - The Way It Was 22 years ago.

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Hi Folks:

Not as easy as it would be for Sacramento Society to go negotiate an 
Airline Sponsor like American Airlines to help[ Support American Music 
and the overall well being of Jazz and American Culture.  You need to 
present them with a proposal showing the the importance of the 
situation and the benefits of sponsorship for their company as well.   
But do not stop there, approach All the International Air lines, if you 
don't ask they are not gong to come looking for you with those empty 
seats that they could use as a Tax write off as well.

It is done every day all over the world,  and yes the International 
acts could approach their airlines as well, there are deals out there 
to be had but you have to pursue them and go knock on the doors.   You 
will also need to do your PR work well to imjpress them that your 
events are really Internationally Culturally important and SELL them 
the package.

Cheers,  now go get em.

Tom Wiggins

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Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Jubilee - The Way It Was 22 
years ago.

  I forwarded this article to the board of directors & other people 
involved with STJS & the Jubilee. Below is a response from one of our 
 --Bob Ringwald 
  > WELL THAT TOOK ME BACK A PACE OR TWO-------Those were the days of 
the > afterglow parties at the old 'People's Choice" on Jibboom St!!!! 
and every > night not just the last night!!! So wonderful to here about 
  > Is there any chance that any of the Foreign Bands could find a 
Sponsor in > their home country to fly them here and then we pick up 
their expenses > when they arrive??? 
 > I believe LTU FireBrigade used to be flown over. 


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