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I forwarded this article to the board of directors & other people involved 
with STJS & the Jubilee.  Below is a response from one of our members.

--Bob Ringwald

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> WELL THAT TOOK ME BACK A PACE OR TWO-------Those were the days of the 
> afterglow parties at the old 'People's Choice" on Jibboom St!!!! and every 
> night not just the last night!!! So wonderful to here about them.
> Is there any chance that any of the Foreign Bands could find a Sponsor in 
> their home country to fly them here and then we pick up their expenses 
> when they arrive???
> I believe LTU FireBrigade used to be flown over.
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>>> Dear Steve and all list mates !!
>>> Ah I remember it as if it were yesterday !!!
>>> Our first trip to the USA, What a great time we had ,and , we went back
>>> again in 1985 for our second of what ended up being 14 tours in all to 
>>> your
>>> wonderful country !!!
>>> One memory , We were standing near the "BAR" after a set and talking 
>>> amongst
>>> our selves when we noticed a crowd of people gathering around us !!
>>> I ask if I could help ?? And a lady said , "Please don`t think we are 
>>> being
>>> rude !! we are not listern to what you are saying , We are listerning to 
>>> the
>>> "WAY THAT YOU SAY IT ""!!!
>>> Also had the pleasure of meeting and talking to "Bob Crosby"
>>> As I said " I remember it well !!
>>> We (my wife Beryl and I) still talk by phone to our dear friend Judy 
>>> Borcher
>>> on a regular basis !!
>>> We have videos of "Fans" dancing and waving the "Boxing Kangaroo Flags" 
>>> that
>>> we handed out !!
>>> Great memories !!
>>> Thank you Steve for sending the post .
>>> Regards to all,
>>> Ross Anderson , New Melbourne Jazz Band , Australia.
>>> the NMJB web site address is http://home.iprimus.com.au/rossjazz/
>>> Anderson bass link is 
>>> http://home.iprimus.com.au/rossjazz/Double_Bass.htm
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>>> ago.
>>>> Came upon this 1984 gem while surfing.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Steve Barbone
>>>> NY TIMES - May 27, 1984 - By ROBERT LINDSEY
>>> JAZZ
>>>> This city is paying homage to Dixieland jazz this weekend with a noisy,
>>>> stomping spectacle that has drawn 101 bands from 13 countries to play 
>>>> and
>>>> more than 150,000 spectators to listen.
>>>> California's capital, local partisans say, has replaced New Orleans as 
>>>> the
>>>> nation's capital of Dixieland. That is an arguable claim, but one
>>> difficult
>>>> to challenge amid the din of trumpets, trombones, drums, banjos,
>>> washboards,
>>>> tubas and singing ''red-hot mamas'' all over Sacramento this weekend.
>>>> The Soviet bloc has is not participating in the Summer Olympic Games, 
>>>> but
>>>> Dixieland ensembles came here from Poland and East Germany.
>>>> The Goose Island Jazz Band from Simi Valley, Calif., is wowing 
>>>> audiences
>>>> with a repertory of Dixieland tunes written about Charles A.Lindbergh.
>>> Franz
>>>> Biffliger, a Member of the Swiss Parliament, is playing a torrid piano 
>>>> for
>>>> the ''Red Hot Peppers'' from Bern, and a Scottish band wearing kilts is
>>>> stirring audiences with a fast-paced, Dixieland version of ''Peter and 
>>>> the
>>>> Wolf,'' along with more conventional standards like ''South Rampart 
>>>> Street
>>>> Parade.'' Food for Hungry Ears
>>>> All are catering to an apparently insatiable demand for Dixieland here 
>>>> and
>>>> an international resurgence of interest in traditional American jazz.
>>>> The Sacramento Dixieland Jubilee is the largest of dozens of festivals
>>> held
>>>> around the world to keep alive a musical art form so often declared 
>>>> dead.
>>>> Dixieland festivals are held annually in St. Louis, Seattle, Denver,
>>>> Decatur, Ill,, Sturgis Falls, Iowa, and many other communities. In 
>>>> Europe,
>>>> there are similar festivals in, among other places, Dresden, East 
>>>> Germany;
>>>> Breda, the Netherlands, Edinburgh, and Prague. What accounts for the
>>>> resurgence of Dixieland?
>>>> ''It's happy music; it makes people feel good,'' said Rex Swann, the
>>> drummer
>>>> of the New Melbourne Jazz Band, which he estimated is one of more than 
>>>> 500
>>>> Dixieland bands in Australia. Besides standard American jazz, the
>>> Melbourne
>>>> band plays a Dixieland version of ''Waltzing Matilda.'' 'People Can 
>>>> Have a
>>>> Good Time'
>>>> ''I think America is discovering its musical roots,'' said David R. 
>>>> Doerr,
>>> a
>>>> senior consultant on the staff of the the Legislature here. Like many
>>>> Sacramento jazz buffs, he said he planned to listen to Dixieland for
>>>> virtually all the 48 1/2 hours scheduled for the festival, which ends
>>>> Monday.
>>>> He said he agreed with his wife, Elaine, who said she thought tens of
>>>> thousands of people were jamming Sacramento this weekend ''because the
>>> music
>>>> is fun and people can have a good time listening to it.''
>>>> Traditional American jazz has its roots in the improvisations of black
>>>> musicians who played in funeral marches and in bordellos' bars in New
>>>> Orleans more than 70 years ago. That era was to produce some of the
>>> nation's
>>>> great musical folk heroes, among them King Oliver, Sidney Bechet, Louis
>>>> Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, Edward (Kid) Ory.
>>>> In the 1920's, Dixieland migrated north to Chicago, along with blacks 
>>>> from
>>>> the South. In Chicago white musicians such as Leon (Bix) Beiderbecke
>>>> amalgamated its improvisations with more traditional musical 
>>>> discipline.
>>> The
>>>> music was, in somewhat of a departure, put on paper. And on to New York
>>>> According to musical historians, The evolution continued in New York,
>>> where,
>>>> under Paul Whiteman, Benny Goodman and others, jazz became swing. 
>>>> Later,
>>>> swing blended into the big-band dance music of the 1930's and early 
>>>> 1940's
>>>> and finally yielded in popularity after World War II, to bop, 
>>>> progressive
>>>> jazz and eventually rock.
>>>> Over the decades, traditional Dixieland was kept alive by a few New
>>> Orleans
>>>> bands such as the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, by the ''Dukes of
>>>> Dixieland,'' and Bob Crosby's ''Bob Cats.'' Meanwhile, musicians and 
>>>> jazz
>>>> enthusiasts established traditional jazz societies around the country 
>>>> to
>>>> keep a candle lit for the music.
>>>> But perhaps in no community does the candle burn brighter than in
>>>> Sacramento. The jazz society here decided in 1974 to invite a few bands 
>>>> to
>>>> play one weekend, and about 5,000 people showed up to hear them. The
>>>> festival has grown rapidly each year, along with a year-round
>>> preoccupation
>>>> with Dixieland among many people in Sacramento.
>>>> There are now at least 17 Dixieland bands in the community. Half a 
>>>> dozen
>>>> high schools teach the young people the musical glories of Ferdinand
>>> (Jelly
>>>> Roll) Morton, Beiderbecke and Oliver, and more than 2,700 people 
>>>> volunteer
>>>> to stage the annual jubilee. As for Making a Living at It . . .
>>>> More than 700 musicians are playing. While each will be paid several
>>> hundred
>>>> dollars, most, including those from abroad, earn their living other 
>>>> ways.
>>>> Even with a renaissance of interest in Dixieland, they say it is still 
>>>> all
>>>> but impossible to make a living playing it.
>>>> ''I've played every jazz festival there is around the world,'' said Bob
>>>> Crosby, the ''emperor'' of this year's jubilee. ''This is the biggest 
>>>> and
>>>> the best jazz festival there is.'' It is centered, as in the past, in 
>>>> Old
>>>> Sacramento, a community of restored historic brick buildings. The area 
>>>> was
>>>> the main staging area for the Gold Rush 135 years ago.
>>>> It has grown so large that bands are performing, seemingly nonstop, at 
>>>> 49
>>>> different places, small cabarets to stages beneath freeway bridges.
>>>> Tapping their toes, eating pizza, popcorn and ribs, emptying 750 kegs 
>>>> of
>>>> beer, often rising spontaneously from their seats to dance to the beat,
>>> jazz
>>>> fans have taken over the city.
>>>> Friday night, after a performance led by Mr. Crosby during which he was
>>>> reunited with four members of the original ''Bob Cats,'' Hilton 
>>>> Napoleon
>>>> (Nappy) Lamare, Bob Haggart, Eddie Miller and Yank Lawson, a 
>>>> middle-aged
>>> man
>>>> turned to a companion and said:
>>>> ''That was almost like going to church. That was a religious 
>>>> experience.''
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