[Dixielandjazz] "...playing a jag-time tune..."

Robert Smith robert.smith at tele2.no
Tue Jun 27 04:14:15 PDT 2006

Here's my attempt at defending Robert Service's use of the term "jag-time".

In the first place you have misquoted Service. The line runs " ... hitting a 
jag-time tune;" (not " ... playing ... "), and this makes a world of 
difference. If, in fact, "the kid" was producing ragtime, then he would be 
playing it and not hitting it. One of the definitions of "jag" is 
intoxication, so any intoxicated pianist would be hitting the keys in a 
somewhat jagged manner, or in other words "hitting a jag-time tune".

I rest my case.


Bob Smith 

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