[Dixielandjazz] Dizzy & McPartland

Phil O'Rourke philor at webone.com.au
Sun Jun 25 17:20:54 PDT 2006

I think these are the recordings you are thinking of. Note that they have
been reissued on French Classics that may be available from Worlds Records

Phil O'Rourke

Dizzy Gillespie and the Cool Jazz Stars:
Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Jimmy McPartland, Dick Cary (tp-1) Don Elliott
(mellophone,tp-1) Ray Abrams (ts) Ronnie Ball (p) Al McKibbon (b) Max Roach
"Birdland", New York, November 24, 1952
52S509    Muskrat ramble    MGM 30744, E194, E3286 (E)D115
52S510    Battle of the blues (1)        30745, -     -     -
52S511    How high the moon        30745, -     -     -
Note: All above titles also on Classics (F)1347 [CD].

> Some where in the basement is a four record collection (78) of jazz by
> and McPartland. The recordings may be by MGM-the centers are yellow. On
> records is a "Battle of jazz" ear;y fifties style, with Diz playing his
> version of a tune, followed by McPartland on the other side playing a
> Dixie version of the same tune. On the last record they get together on
> High the Moon"  After a brief bop followed by Dixie version the two begin
> swinging version made up of repeated riffs-the piano player becomes so
>  he leaves the keyboard and grabs a horn also, Three trumpets swing on the
> riffs  to the end. This is as near to "Dixie" as Dizzy got, at least from
> collection. Unfortunately, my 78 rpm no longer plays (mice ate the
speakers) so
> I haven't heard the sides in  years. Actually, haven't even seen them,
but I
> remember that last record REALLY swung!
>                                 Ted

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