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Most re-issues of fairly recent material is from the original tapes. One
sure way of knowing this is if there are there any "unissued" tracks on the
CD. If they are it is a certainy that Jasmine had access to the original
A company as large as Columbia (Sony) would like to keep their reputation
(???) and have any re-issues done as good as possible and would give access
to the tapes. It is quite common these days for small "specialist" companies
to buy/lease the tapes from larger companies that have no interest in
issueing old stock, the larger company will get some money from the deal
with no new investment and not have to suffer any loss if the project is not
a money maker. They also know that the specialist companies have different
means of distribution to the buyers of this material. How often do you see
OKOM in major music retailers, the ones that the major companies deal with.
So I would say that it is a 99% certainy that Jasmine used the original
tapes. I may be wrong, I think I have been before.

Phil O'Rourke

> Question:  I have a query in with Jasmine, but thought I'd ask here, as
> well.  When such things as Columbia LPs are reissued by another, smaller
> label, does Columbia, when such things still exist, make the original
> master tapes available, or does the re-issuer merely work from pristine
> LPs?  The one in question sounds like they worked from original tape,
> but with today's technology, one can't be too sure.
> Can anyone shed some light?,
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