[Dixielandjazz] Musicnotes.com & San Francisco tunes

Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Sat Jun 24 16:10:39 PDT 2006

I should have said that musicnotes.com is good for more recent tunes,
not always the really old ones.

However, here is the list I got by typing in just "San Francisco"
Notice the one about flowers in your hair, I think that is the one
Bob listed as "If You're Going to San Francisco."

I Left My Heart In San Francisco - Doug Cross, Geo. Cory
San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair  - John Phillips
Let's Go to San Francisco - Carter-Lewis 
San Francisco Bound - Irving Berlin

Also in notes to Bob and to Art Woods, I mentioned 3 more OKOM tunes
that I personally associate with SF:
"Emperor Norton's Hunch"
"Minstrels of Annie Street"
"San Andreas Shake"

(I just found the same tunes at sheetmusicdirect.com)

Craig J.

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