[Dixielandjazz] Armstrong and Gillespie (Butch Thompson)

Gary Kiser gary at kiser.org
Sat Jun 24 13:50:45 PDT 2006

I too recall seeing some great stuff with Louis and Diz sharing the 
bandstant.  There used to be a web site dedicated to the trumpet (for 
god's sake, why would anyone want to do that?) that had lot o' clips.  
There was one where Diz sand Embracable You with Louis' gravle voice.  
You can see LA busting a gut in the background.

There was another (can'r remember the tune) where Louis has a solo after 
Diz.  But, before playing, Louis speaks to the audience claiming that 
Diz needs hundreds of notes to tell his story, but he (LA) only needs one.

Also on that same site, there was a clip of the DG Big Band with Jack 
Sheldon on 1st (?) trumpet.  He is given a solo, but he doesn't give the 
band back to Dizzy.  I think he took four forms with Dizzy lifting his 
horn between each one between each.  After Jack finally finished, Diz 
asked him if it was ok for him to play.

Here are some interesting clips for your enjoyment :

Diz on the Muppet Show

Check out this line up on Round Midnight

Diz with Maurice André on a French TV show.  Watch what André does with 
his horn.

DG Big Band 1968.  Check out how the horns are set out.  Saxes stage 
right; bones stage left but at a 45° angle; trumpets in the back ... way 
in the back.

Diz & Bird.  MKOM, but perhaps not for everyone on this list.  Who is 
that on bass?

 From A Rhapsody in Black and Blue - 1932

Louis & Billy in Farewell to Storyville

Louis & Lionel.  Short but hot

I can pass on The Saints, but this version is fun.

A Betty Boop cartoon with LA doing the music

More Billy + Louis
or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWtUzdI5hlE

Louis doing a doll commercial.

The Edsel Show.  I would of liked to see the rest

All the best, Gary

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