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the song is "Umbrella Man," an old tune, originally in 3/4, that diz was 
doing at the time. It was originally on the Jackie Gleason show, you can see 
Jackie come out and greet louis and diz at the very end. The two of them 
really are great together.

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> There is some film footage that exists of Gillespie trading back and forth 
> with Louis Armstrong.  I'ts not "dixieland" per se, Dizzy plays in his 
> normal bebop style, but I recall it being interesting and quite good.  I 
> believe it was on a PBS documentary of Louis that aired about a year ago.
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>>Steve wrote:
>>>Dizzy loved it, as did the audience, as did trombonist Big Chief Russell
>>>Moore and clarinetist Tony Parenti who were on the gig that night.
>>>Don't know if Dizzy every recorded Dixieland.
>>I would have loved to see Diz and Parenti on stage -- I can't quite 
>>picture it.  The only Gillespie dixieland recording I know of is a 1953 
>>tongue-in-cheek version of S'Wonderful.
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