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Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Tue Jun 20 16:41:57 PDT 2006

I am not endorcing this product as I know nothing about it.  I am just 
passing the info along in case someone thinks it might help them.

--Bob Ringwald

 Robert Claire
Whole Rest Music
1-866-976-5299 (voice and fax)
info at wholerestmusic.com
Whole Rest Music Releases "Jazz Sketch Pad"
Nevada City CA, June 1, 2006
A revolutionary new educational tool, "Jazz Sketch Pad" is a book+CD
for scales and improvisation. The CD contains 98 tracks of chords and pedal 
each sustained for 45 seconds by a string section, in effect "pausing" the 
This provides a stable pitch and harmonic environment with which to play 
scales and
improvise. Students often find that with conventional play along cds, the 
go by too fast to deal with. With "Jazz Sketch Pad", the teacher can sit 
with the
student, instruments in hand, and explore the chords in a relaxed manner. 
The student
can work individually on the chords and keys that are problematic in a tune 
want to play.
The book offers one-page summaries of the basics of scales, modes, intervals 
chords, including ii-V-I progressions in major and minor keys. All of the 
typically used in jazz are shown in all twelve keys. It is appropriate for 
all melody
instruments (with sections for C, Bb, Eb and C bass clef), and all levels, 
with teacher
guidance recommended for more beginning players.
For audio and text samples, visit
, or for further information call

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