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Peter Sr. De Bruyn peterdebruyn at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 14:50:08 PDT 2006

Dear Jim,
Dear Listmates,

I did try a lot of instruments.

Started as a 12 year old "youngster" on Flugelhorn. Later switched to the
trumpet, wich was more fancy.
Bought myself a cornet, wich I still have.
Learned to play the slide trombone on my own (no teacher available !).
Was asked to play the tuba later on. Learned to play the valve trombone
Even converted to Sousaphone for an American Journey (1990 Lake Fest in

And though I like all those instruments (besides the others that I do owe :
piano, banjo, mandolin, violin, accordeon, occarina, clarinet)
I 've decided that the only one for me is my bone.

Peter De Bruyn

2006/6/19, Jim Kashishian <jim at kashprod.com>:
> Don wrote:
> To my sinner ways ( a love for the valve trombone that gets so many sneers
> on this list from slide snobs<G>) this fine player had a nice, melodic
> style
> that blended well in the ensembles and were easy on the ear.
> Hoping I'm not one of those "snobs" you mention, Don, I just consider the
> valve trombone as being a completely different horn than the slide
> trombone.
> I don't think that anyone should try to compare them.  Also, and this is
> not
> a slur (pun intented!), most valve trombone players have come from being
> trumpet players, so their improvisational ideas come from there, also,
> which
> gives them a completely different sound to the horn than their slippier
> cousins.
> Jim
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