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Fr M J (Mike) Logsdon mjl at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jun 19 10:26:49 PDT 2006

Long ago, I believe in 1996, I was email-contacted by someone claiming to be on the King's staff (a Graham Something comes to mind...) with a detailed Bix question.  (My name is, to this day, still on a couple Bixophile sites regarding "Baby Won't You Please Come Home".)  Seems His Majesty remembered hearing, or merely hearing about, a recording of "Ol' Man River" featuring BOTH the vocal of Paul Robeson AND a solo by Bix.  As all Bixians know, the Whiteman 12" Victor of OMR featuring Robeson does NOT also include Bix, who was not present at that session; and the Whiteman 10" Victor that does feature a short break by Bix has a vocal by Bing.  Anyway....

This person apparently relayed my reply to HM, who responded back via the same person that he begs my pardon but he's certain that such a Robeson-Bix OMR was recorded.  I replied back with the same information, though in a little more detail (quoting sources, etc).  The final reply was along the lines of a gracious "Thank you for your time and effort, etc, but HM will continue his search as he is still certain the recording exists, etc...."  I have long since lost my printout of this incredible email exchange, what I like to call my "Argument with the King of Thailand"...,


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