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>Thanks for the mailing list, within a relative short time my request was answered, listening to JRM LOC (Rounders), THANKS BILL AND PETER. 
>  Disc five and six, spike deer outside, about 60 feet away, grandson sleeping, waiting to hear the lyrics, gift bottle of Talisker a reach away. What a great Father's Day
>  Thanks once again..
>  Slainte m'hath
>  Ye Olde MouldyFygge
>  Ed Coltrin
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And a bonnie fine Father's Day it has been here as well. Bonnie wifie 
Jean took me out for a batch of bar b q ribs, saw two  does with fawns 
on drive home, and had three wild turkeys in the year as we drove in.
Careful w' that Isle of Skye hootch -- Talisker has been known to curl 
the toenails backwards on the un-initiated. I have just poured me a not 
so wee  dram of the new MacAllen Oak -- had to try it after one of my 
trout bum friends bragged it up. Fine usque baugh it is. But I still 
like to stick to my Spey reliables, especially Cardhu - a most kind 
tribute to those who understand the magic of kmixing barley malt and 
fine spring water and letting age and nature take its course.
 From one who doesn't fish for a liviign but lives to fish the noble trout,
Slainte m'hath,
Don Ingle.

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