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Fri Jun 16 10:00:48 PDT 2006

Snipped from an Australian "on line" publication. (theage.com.au) How about
it, Luis and Tito, does choro correlate to Dixieland as this article opines
in the 3rd paragraph?

Steve Barbone 

Craig Mathieson discovers Brazil's urban beat, choro.

THERE are, according to filmmaker Mika Kaurismaki, two things that cut
through the social and political divide in Brazil: football, and music. With
the World Cup now highlighting Brazil's supremacy on the pitch, the latter
is fittingly recognised with the release of Brasileirinho, a documentary
about choro, an infectious and intrinsically Brazilian style of music
enjoying a resurgence.

"Choro is now played on the street in Rio and it wasn't 15 years ago," says
Kaurismaki . A bluff, hearty Finn, he's been living in Brazil for 12 years,
the first decade in Rio de Janeiro, the home of choro, where he owned a bar
that hosted many of the scene's best musicians.

Influenced by European melodies and African rhythms, choro is known as
Brazil's first urban music. With a correlation to Dixieland jazz, it
coalesced in the 1870s, eventually sitting alongside bossa nova and samba in
the Brazilian canon. Braced by guitars and percussion, it's fuelled by deft
variations on established chords and themes.

"There's a kind of dialogue when people play it together," explains
Kaurismaki. "You have to respect the rules but you can improvise."

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