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Louis was once asked "what is jazz?"  He doged the question with the reply "if you got to ask, you'll never know"
Oscar Peterson asked to define jazz called it "instant composition."
For peoople like Oscar, instant composition was no big challenge.  But most of us at least rehearse licks in different keys and modes, store them in our mental repertoire, and sort of glue them together in a performance.  True "instant composition" is a little rarer than most of us would like to think.
I'm not going to attemt to define jazz.  There are at least as many definitions as there are people on this list.  Whatever it means to you....enjoy it.
Feel free to post your definition.
Pat Cooke 

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>>>To me, at least, a note for note re-creation is not really jazz<<<

A wee bit overly hair-splitting, eh, Steve?  If what's being preserved is a jazz performance or style, surely it can be called jazz, just not deliberately impromptu/innovative jazz?


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