[Dixielandjazz] Traveling To London?

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Wed Jun 14 07:26:44 PDT 2006


Below is an e-mail from the great singer, Nina Ferro.

Nina is originally from Australia and recently moved to London.  She has
been featured on "Riverwalk, Live From The Landing," the weekly Jim Cullum
Jazz Band radio show, (heard in the Sacramento area on KXJZ 89.9 FM every
Sunday at 9:00 PM and has appeared several times at the Sacramento Jazz
Jubilee with the band, Hotter Than Six.

If you live in or near London, or plan to visit sometime this year, don't 
miss Nina at Ronnie Scott's.

--Bob Ringwald

Hi Everyone,
With the grapevine the way it is, I'm sure by now most of you would have
heard that
I recently received  a contract to play at Ronnie Scott's.  This contract
on the 26th June and goes through till the end of the year.  I'll supporting
Male International Instrumental artists.
The dates and details will be going up on my web-site as of the 21st June.
All details
are on the Ronnie Scott's Web-Site:
I thought I'd email the first couple of weeks for those interested in coming
A more in depth email will follow after the 21st.
Times vary during the week as does pricing, so best to head to the Ronnie's
if you need more info.
Opening Night - Monday June 26th - Monty Alexander & Nina Ferro with the
James Pearson
Wed 28th - Fri 30th June - Chris Botti & Nina Ferro with the James Pearson
Thurs 6th - Sat 8th July - David Sanborn & Nina Ferro with the James Pearson
Other Acts Coming Up........
Ramsey Lewis, Billy Cobham, Steve Tyrell Plus Many More.....
Chick Corea, Chucho Valdes, Tim Ries, Howard Alden, Wynton Marsalis Plus
Many More.....

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