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Dave, DJML, and others--
     Yes, and you can see the list of songs at 
     The soundtrack was put together by my buddy Mark Rubin 
(http://www.markrubin.com/home.html), of the Bad Livers and other 
fine musical aggregations, here in Austin.  He now plays helicon with 
Li'l Alice and Her Monkey Butlers 
(http://www.alicespencer.com/monkey.htm)  at the Hole in the Wall on 
Guadalupe on Thursday nights (unfortunately, the nights i play in the 
Wurst Band at Scholz's).

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>Dear Listers:
>Tonight I was watching one of the CineMax channels.  They were 
>showing a 1998 opus called The Newton Boys, a Texas production about 
>a group of Texas brothers and their friends who robbed banks and a 
>mail train in the early 1920s.  The music included a group of 1920s 
>standards, including a couple of Jelly Roll Morton songs, Sweet 
>Substitute and Wild Man Blues.  The Jim Cullum Jazz Band was among 
>the performers.
>Earlier, I saw the end of High Society (1956).  The last scene 
>showed Louis Armstrong, Edmond Hall, Arvell Shaw and Barrett Deems. 
>It was an OKOM night on TV.  Now, if I could just find a copy of 
>Rhythm Inn.....
>Dave Stoddard

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