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L Patrick Briody lpbriody at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 12 14:42:33 PDT 2006

  Last December on Jim's advice I gave myself a Christmas present of a 691 and I've been delighted with it albeit I haven't had an opportunity tom play as much as I would have liked - back problems and then cataract surgery.
  Regarding the latter, I learned something that may be of use to other older brass players.  
  I mentioned to the Kash man that I had recently had cataract 
surgery and asked the doctor when I could drive since I had a gig in a few 
days. Curiously I thought,  he asked what instrument I played.  When I 
answered the trombone, he was immediately concerned and strongly 
suggested I lay off playing for a few weeks.  Actually, I had visions of Louis Armstrong's big eyes.
I bring this up since some brass players like myself may not know 
that playing shortly after cataract surgery is a no-no and the doc 
won't necessarily think to bring it up.  Kash indicated his trumpet player 
blew his horn early after the same operation and had considerable 
      Pat Briody

Jim Kashishian <jim at kashprod.com> wrote:
  Dave Hanson wrote:


Don't you mean a Yamaha model 691, 8" bell, .508 bore. I was scratching my
head when I first read your email about a model 191, as the 600 series is
their pro line. Anyway I have one as well as the smaller jazz horn the 697Z
which is like a King 2B on steroids, only the single leadpipe however.
Yamaha is making some great horns with the help of pro players and I hope
they continue doing so 

Yes, of course, Dave. It is Steve that has bought what he referred to as
the 191, but was probably a typo, meaning a 691. I've had three of the 691,
and will go for it again soon, as my horns don't last me much more that
about 8 yrs.


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