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Mon Jun 12 08:15:36 PDT 2006

Following this thread is giving me senility concerns.  When I looked  at the 
query, I'm thinking yes, that does have good public effect, I am humming  like 
a call and response thing, thinking I have been the public enjoying it,  
trying to think where and when (the senility concerns).  My only guess so  far was 
at one of a couple Don Vappie concerts, so I checked the two  CDs I have plus 
his web location and did not find it listed.  Thought I  would pass his web 
site on anyhow as several other Creole tunes are  listed.
_http://www.vappielle.com/_ (http://www.vappielle.com/) 
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lhenriques at criticalsoftware.com writes:

Hi  all,

Thanks a lot for these answers.  Now I finally can sing this  Creole
Patois lyrics :)

I know the tune is very very simple and  naïfe but it has a nice effect
on the public.  I guess, however, it is  not played very often.  Or am I
wrong?  I can not remember of  earing any band playing it on a gig...

Luís  Henriques

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