[Dixielandjazz] New trombone

Steve & Cathy Pendleton bestofbreed at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 11 18:50:02 PDT 2006

Thanks to everyone who wrote to me months ago, when I was looking
for a "professional" trombone in place of the student model Selmer
Signet I have played since 1965.  You  turned me on to the King 3B
and, a Yamaha model.  Frankly, I no longer have those e-mails, but
three weeks ago I took the plunge on eBay and bought a Yamaha
YSL-191. I read on the 'net how the Japanese improved on our designs
with superior machining (ever heard of a Toyota or Honda car?)   I
don't have the cash for a Xeno and that may all be hype around a new
model introduction, anyway.

The horn is like new.  I got it for about a third of new.  Yamaha
still sells it.  A unique feature is its three leadpipes that can be
changed to alter the tone color from bright to mellow.  (No longer
available with the new models, I don't believe.)  I cannot believe
how much better I play with this horn.

Thanks again to those who directed me to Yamaha.


Steve Pendleton

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