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Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 9 06:26:48 PDT 2006

Jazz in NYC is varied and plentiful. During the JVC Jazz Festival, Tuesday
June 13 to Saturday June 24 2006 you can see/hear some OKOM including:

Dr Michael White's Original Liberty Jazz Band,  Ken Peplowski, Don Byron,
Kenny Davern, Evan Christopher, Vince Giordano's Nighthawks, Dan Levinson's
Roff Garden Jass Band, Andy Stein Blue Five, Kermit Ruffins, , as well as
Bucky Pizzarelli's 80th Birthday Celebration at the Kaye Playhouse.

Hey Igor, better revise your Festival Map. :-) VBG


Two Jazz Festivals, JVC and Vision, Take Over the City

NY TIMES - By BEN RATLIFF - June 9, 2006

EVEN in an average week there tends to be too much jazz in New York for any
one person to see. But the next two weeks are too-much squared, with two
major jazz festivals, JVC and Vision, happening simultaneously and the
city's nightclubs doing their best to keep up the momentum for concertgoers
both local and international.

This overflow ‹ from deities-by-consensus, to reliables deserving more
respect, to players who will be new to almost everyone except those who went
to music school with them ‹ is a natural effusion of New York rather than
the centralized work of a few concert producers. This is the time to
remember that nobody has a monopoly on jazz in this town. Jazz listeners,
this is why you're in New York.

One June complaint in the past, whether the two festivals have run
separately, simultaneously or consecutively, has been that wilder and freer
jazz was overshadowed by the mainstream monolith known as the JVC Jazz
Festival. (The scheduling of the Vision Festival usually depends on
availability of rental space; Vision still does without commercial sponsors,
to its extreme credit, and encounters the same hassle every year to find a
home.) That doesn't seem true this year.

It's not just because the 11-year-old Vision Festival has become stronger
and more effective. It's because the mainstream itself is wider. Younger
jazz listeners and musicians have become better at collapsing the old
dichotomies (tradition versus innovation, hard versus lyrical, swing versus
variations thereof). Some of JVC's most interesting shows this year could
have been presented by the Vision Festival ‹ with some tweaking ‹ and vice
versa. That's precisely the state of affairs that many of us have been
looking forward to. In the best cases (and many of the bands playing this
month are the best cases), this does not represent a softening of artistic
positions; it is the melting down of dogma. In other words, it is progress.

Here is a possible road map to the abundance of the next two weeks,
beginning on Tuesday, when both festivals open. It is mostly JVC and Vision
concerts (the accompanying box has locations and contact information),
combined with a little bit of the other local flora and fauna.

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