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Thu Jun 8 16:49:09 PDT 2006

I've never encountered one stated exactly like Steve's example, but have 
run into several where the company lawyer insisted that the band assume 
liability for any injuries or damages caused by, or involving, the band 
members or equipment. Not being an attorney I 'borrowed' some language 
from a municipal contract and have an attachment to my basic contract 
that has thus far satisfied the lawyers.

I also have a standard attachment that spells out, in clear but 
non-offensive language, that the band will select the program, not 
practice with or accompany non-band singers or musicians, that the band 
will not have to show up more than an hour early to set up or stay more 
than 15 minutes past the performance to tear down and depart, that we 
will have unobstructed access to the stage, etc.

I seldom have to use the two attachments, using the Hold Harmless on 
only when lawyers say 'or else', and the Playing Conditions on only when 
I sense that the customer wants to run the band. Of course we will 
accommodate any of the items in paragraph two above, but only for extra 

If anyone wants copies contact me off list.

Charlie Hull
K Street Ramblers Jazz Band
charlie at easysounds.com

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