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Thu Jun 8 16:20:45 PDT 2006

Hi Steve and all:

This is becoming the normal hold harmless agreement handed out by many 
Public event organizers held on or sponsored by any city or county 
operation.   I carry a Two million dollar Liability policy that I 
simply file an also insured for them with which bypasses that hold 
harmless agreement that they want signed.   At least so far.   And 
since I have the policy should I need it, I would probably sign their 
stupid agreement if the money were worthwhile if not I too would pass 
on the performance.    Another reason I like to play in Europe  where 
they still understand that Stuff happens  and they do not have to sue 
everybody and their family because of their own mistakes.   Rather than 
here  where we have a lawyer for about every 51 people in California 
chasing ambulances and stray dogs  and looking for situation to file a 
suit.   The groups that do not have such a policy however are set up to 
get nailed by such an agreement if anything does happen.   Politics 
Politics, and in your case  yet another Philadelphia Lawyer, and I have 
heard they are notorious for those kind of contracts right ??



    Here's the latest in a series of Onerous Contract Provisions that 
Street has come across recently. The word "Artist" refers to The Barbone
Street Jazz Band:

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