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Thanks, Dave,

I appreciate the response.  I didn't realize that about the double bell 
(conical AND straight bores) euphonium . . . I'll have to look at that horn 
a little more closely on the next gig.


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>Quoting Bill Gunter <jazzboard at hotmail.com>:
>>So . . .
>>(1) What, precisely is a euphonium (does the word "conical" fit in here
>AFAIK, The general consensus is Greek(or maybe  Latin)"Euphos"=Beautiful 
>"Phonium" =Sound  but that is not proven. The  Euphonium is conical bore, 
>as is the tuba and Cornet and Fluglehorn.  The term Baritone Horn was 
>interchangable in the US, but not other  parts of the world and many US 
>Euphonists have now been educated to  know the diference ;-)  (Baritone, 
>Tenor and Alto Horns tend to be  less conical, leaning towards the trumpet 
>family.) Double-Bell  Euphoniums were supposed to combine the two families 
>with a Bb Euph  conical and a Tenor Horn straight bore section, with some 
>Somewhere there is a chart with all the variations in brasswind names  
>around the world - I will try to find it later...
>>(2) What is the plural of euphonium (probably depends on which grammar
>>rules you follow)?
>Euphonia, Euphoniums, a bunch of Euphonies, who the heck knows!
>Dave Richoux
>Not a stupid question at all!
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