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Hi Gene:

Since I am leaving town for a few days I will stir up this thread a bit 
on the way out of town :

I have heard that most OKOM bands frequently switch wives and husbands 
anyway so just hit on anyone you find interesting at a festival and see 
which way the wind blows. :))

In the emortal words of Jack Benny:   Take my wife   PLEASE!!!

Musical content:   "Changing Partners"

Now Gene:  you had better get ready to answer a lot of emails from all 
those lurking ladies on the list Heck I could introduce you to a bunch 
of em who would like your qualifications:   The only potential problem 
you have mate is  that damned "Trombone",  the word is out on Trombone 
players,  they seem to lose a lot of wives in the Dixieland world.   On 
the other hand some of em have been known to have several, and a few 
had them at the same time too or so I have heard. :))


Tom Wiggins

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Thanks for your comments.

I have been a lurker for about four years and have found this list 
unlimited amounts of information regarding OKOM.  I recently retired 
from my
daytime job, play trombone and am definitely interested in finding a 
who enjoys OKOM, i.e. traveling to festivals and preferable has some 
ability to play in a Dixieland band.  I have been divorced for 20 years
waiting to find this special someone.  I know this is not a dating 
however, there is no dating service that matches up OKOM single 
that I am aware of.  Any interested lady in about the 50 to 65 age 
group can
email me off line.

Is there a way to bring singles together at Festivals?  I really like to
dance, however, it would be difficult to determine who the single women 
in a large gathering.

Being from the Black Hills of South Dakota, where there are no OKOM
festivals, finding someone with this interest is extremely difficult as 
do not know about these great festivals, or have ever heard OKOM.

hvlnd at rushmore.com

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> Hi Gang
>      I'm normally a lurker, but found I couldn't resist this thread.
>      I have always found it puzzling, why so many jazz guys have 
that don't seem remotely interested in the music. I have been playing
(semi-pro), since my teens and am an "old guy" now, but to me music is 
an integral part of my life - that I can't comprehend having a partner 
doesn't share my interest in OKOM.
>      Although currently unattached, I have had the good fortune to 
had 2 partners in my life, that were very supportive of my efforts and
knowledgable of the music - we remain friends, stay in touch and I thank
them for sharing my passion.
>      I also realize that there are wives / partners that just tag 
along on
a gig, to make sure their significant others behave themselves ;)
>   Doug Burnley
>   Cornet - The Jazz Rascals
>   http://thejazzrascals.com
> Richard Stevens <richard at thejazzfactory.net> wrote:
>   Hi All,
> I followed this thread with interest and someone suggested that it 
> "amateur"
> Bands had their partners attending gigs. The venue manager for a 
> concert we are doing on Sunday in fact has invited The Wife as his 
> dine with him. Very professional of him as he understands just what 
> contribution is.
> The wife can sell CD's
> The wife can entertain celebrities
> The wife can do a sound check from the room
> The wife can take a booking enquiry
> The wife can tell you if you are boring
> The wife is not a spare part but an integral part of the show, often
> organising the audience to a venue.
> That's among the professional things she does.......
> MY wife will also buy a drink and bring it over to the stage
> MY wife actually loves jazz and is a regular contributor, that's 2 of 
> reasons I married her!
> regards,
> Richard Stevens
> www.thejazzfactory.net
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