[Dixielandjazz] The Tuba Army

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Thu Jun 8 07:07:48 PDT 2006

The slow melodies continued; every so often, one of the
groups would  huff a few sharply accented notes or make jokey noises. Yet
over all, the  piece was somber: an arbitrary ceremony, luxuriating in tuba
tone, somewhere  between elegy and exorcism.

In my euphonic playing days, I attended The Blue Lake  Musical Camp up in 
Muskegon Mich.  There was a program called The  Leonard Falcon Tuba Euphonic  
Perhaps 100 players showed up to play tuba euphonic  quartets with perhaps 25 
players on each voice.
The other name for a euphonic is The Tenor  Tuba.
Far from being the above, the music was quite stirring  and fun.
The music was quite uplifting, to those with no  preconceived notions and was 
a hell of a lot of fun to  play.
Check out the concerts at Christmas played by tubas  and euphonium and it 
will give you a taste of this kind of  ensemble.
Don Hale

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